How can I make money on YouTube?

first is when the channel owner earns money by watching videos. In this case, the owner enters into a contract with YouTube or an affiliate network. He acts as an intermediary between the author and YouTube, his earnings depend on the number of such views

The second and much more interesting way to earn money on YouTube is to create videos- to focus on popularity and recognition as a blogger

– There are a couple of main mechanisms, first of all, earnings from advertising – the amount of remuneration from this source depends on many factors, for example, the number of views, the subject of the channel, the country of origin of viewers.

Another way is to work with companies. For example, they can sponsor individual episodes of a certain creator, or they can offer the creator to make a movie on the company’s channel. The third option is to sell goods and services related to the channel or the creator, for example, to sell your own books, clothes, training.

A great way is “crowdfunding”, that is, getting funding from viewers, it’s worth thinking about joining an affiliate network from the very beginning. He supports the creators by teaching and optimizing videos, and helps to find sponsors. However, to begin with, in order not to be distracted by advertising and to find a suitable training course, you should


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